Technical notes on winemaking

Micro-oxygenation with the addition of exogenous tannins

The wine used for the micro-oxygenation test is a Barbera from the 2008 vintage, produced in the lower Monferrato area…

Dott. Andrea Buzio – 2009

Micro-Oxigenation of the Barbera del Monferrato 2008

The wine used for the experiment is a Barbera vintage 2008 with the following characteristics …

Dott. Andrea Buzio – 2009

Experimentation with Arkimede and Enobros

During the Internship activity at the Fattoria Vignavecchia two machines for over pumping were brought to the company … Gruppo di Tirocinio 2003- Fattoria Vignavecchia (Radda in Chianti – Siena)

Technology for red wine production

The extraction of color, in the production technology of red wines, requires a more or less prolonged contact of the must with the solid components.

Matteo Dal Bo – Research & Development Manager

The winemaking technology for over pumping

The quality of red wines directly depends on the maceration process and, consequently, on the characteristics of the winemaker.

Matteo Dal Bo – Research & Development Manager

Red vinification and oxygenation

The role of oxygen during the various stages of winemaking has been studied for several years.

Matteo Dal Bo – Research & Development Manager

Tradition and innovation in the production of quality wines

Masters in management of wine systems.

Dott.ssa Letizia Rocco – 2003


Oxygen is the worst enemy of wine, but it is also the oxygen that makes a wine great.

Article from LA VIGNE magazine, n° 132 – May 2002 (extract)

Over pumping

Piston pumps are in direct competition with spiral pumps. Article from LA VIGNE magazine, n ° 132 – May 2002 (extract)

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