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ENOBROS: The Automatic Wine-making Robot

With the Enobros wine robot, you can wet the pomace cap and break up the pomace in a scheduled time. Thanks to a crescent-shaped spraying system, the system guarantees an even wetting and acts gently on the must. The machine arm is light, flexible and adapts to any type of tank (round, square, rectangular) and any position of the manhole cover (top, centered, decentralized or square).

Enobros’ simple programming makes it a highly flexible tool that can be adapted to your specific requirements. You can set the over pumping times, pause times and the intensity of the extraction of colors and perfumes.

Conclusion: Enobros perfects the production process and improves the quality of your wine!

The Key Advantages of Enobros:

  • • It increases the volume and gives the maturing wine more thickness
  • • You can remove the tanks to use them for new vinifications
  • • It avoids oenological accidents such as the increase of volatile acids (acescence) and the harmful interruption of fermentation
  • • It improves the color and avoids the development of bad smells

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