ARKIMEDE: The Automatic Wine-making Robot

These new cutting-edge technological solutions (protected by three international patents) are the result of thirty years of experience in the field of winemaking techniques. They allow to obtain:
  • an effective and complete sinking of the marc cap,
  • an active mixing of the wine press product
  • homogenization of the temperature throughout the tank,
  • an effective oxygen supply before and during the over pumping cycle.
The ArKimede® automatic spraying device enables the overpumping of red wines during fermentation in the most immediate and effective way. No matter the age of the tank, its material (cement, fibreglass or steel) nor the position of the top cover.
With ArKimede®, overpumping is now possible in rectangular, square or round tanks, regardless of whether they have a centered, decentralized or even inclined lid. With ArKimede® you can adjust the speed of movement of the winemaking arm and dose the oxygen flow by means of a powerful turbine. ArKimede® is flexible, simple and ready for immediate use: equipped with advanced computerized automation technology, it reduces the number of personnel required in the winery. It achieves outstanding results that were only possible with careful and conscientious human over pumping. ArKimede® is now able to eliminate the implementation difficulties that were associated with this manual work in the case of large quantities of wine.

Our conclusion: ArKimede® optimizes the over pumping process of red wine!

Main functionalities

Active mixing

The constant mixing and agitation of the must mass ensures that the berries are completely separated from undesirable by-products such as pomace lumps. Furthermore, they are washed at the end of the working cycle. The cap of the marc can therefore be reformed without creating the geometric shapes found in the winemaking systems used so far.


The ArKimede® computerised control panel is the nerve centre of the system: all the values of the desired type of vinification are entered here, as well as the characteristics of the tank used. All the information about the tank and the ongoing winemaking process is displayed on the graphic screen.


The active and complete mixing of the must, accompanied by a rotary movement, allows to rebalance the internal temperature of the tank avoiding that in some areas dangerous temperature increases are triggered.


ArKimede® is also equipped with a Turbo-Oxygenator, which provides complete and effective oxygenation of the air above the pomace layer.

The Turbo Oxygenator, with a blowing capacity of 50 liters of air per second (3000 l / min), is able to exchange air inside the upper part of the tank, above the top of the marc. This is possible both before the over pumping process and during the oxygenation and over pumping process, so that the oxygen also comes into contact with the falling must.

The amount of air introduced into the upper part of the tank (and not directly into the must) guarantees a more natural oxygen supply. This is due to the fact that the air enters the must through the jet of the winemaking robot during the over pumping cycle.

Key Benefits of ArKimede:

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