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OSSIGENA: The oxygen dosing system

Ossigena is a computerized oxygen dosing system for macro oxygenation for the fermentation of must and for micro oxygenation for grafting wines. It doses by weight (constant) and not by volume (which varies according to the temperature) ensuring maximum dosage precision. It is a very flexible system capable of working both on 225-liter barriques and in 1,000 quintal tanks.

Ossigena includes a double protection against any anomalies: in no case there will be dosed more oxygen than necessary. The system is safe, reliable and accurate. It offers a large number of adjustments accessible through a simple programming system. The patented valves allow a slow, constant dosage and in very small amounts.

In summary Ossigena improves the aroma, taste and color of your wine!

In the case of astringent wines, you shouldn’t place them directly on the market. It makes sense to evaluate the opportunity of oenological interventions, such as micro-oxygenation. This mechanism oxygenates these compounds, making their interaction with the proteins of the oral cavity more difficult. Consequently, the wine is more drinkable and softer on the palate.
Winemaker in Veneto

Benefits of Ossigena


During vinification, it promotes the activity of the yeasts in macro-oxygenation and the fermentation process. Furthermore, it increases the color intensity thanks to the use of enzymes.


After alcoholic fermentation and before malolactic fermentation, in micro-oxygenation, it prevents reduction and increases the color stability.

Single Dose

In single dose, for fast interventions, it corrects the occurrence of off-flavors during the grafting process in barriques and tonneaux.


During aging, the quality of the tannins improves; the softness of a wine increases while its sensation of astringency and bitterness decreases. It develops a more mature and concentrated aromatic profile and eliminates the occurrence of off-flavors, obtaining the maximum varietal expression of the wine.

Oenological additives

In combination with oenological additives it favors the increase of volume of the fine yeast and improves the effect of mannoproteins, tannins, yeasts or alternative woods. Consequently, the quantities to be used can be reduced.

We are very happy and satisfied with your system, both for the excellent technical result and for the time saving and the simplification of the winemaking process.
Wine queen and wine grower in Montepulciano
Are you the producers of that infernal machine? If you have one ready for delivery, send me another one right away!
Radda in Chianti
We finished the harvest with excellent results, and we are satisfied with the work. We have already noticed improvements compared to previous years and we are happy about this progress.
Wine grower in Moasca

Main functionalities



For the diffusion of oxygen in the must or wine masses, there are porous candles. They are wether available in sintered stainless steel (which offers excellent mechanical resistance) or in ceramic (more suitable when operating in micro-oxygenation with low dosages).

In addition, the diffusers are delivered with a support. It allows to lower the candles into the tank from above. It is also possible to insert them with an injection rod, through a connection with a ball valve.

Absolute security

Operational safety is guaranteed by two independent electronic control systems: in the case of an anomaly, the dosing system is deactivated and placed in a security posture. No matter which problem has occurred, there won’t be an excess of oxygen. In addition, necessary maintenance work is indicated, such as the clogging of the porous candle or the exhaustion of the cylinder.

Precise and Constant gas supply

The gas is supplied continuously, even at the lowest doses, thanks to the innovative vibration system, that carries out a fine and continuous oxygen removal. An electronic control unit measures the quantity of oxygen delivered twice to ensure maximum accuracy.
I have never seen such a color!
Winemaker in Monferrato

The Key Benefits of Ossigena:

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